The String Gliders

String Gliders 2.jpg

This is a band I started with Luca Benedetti on guitar, Jonny Lam on steel, Tim Luntzel on bass and Andrew Borger on drums. It’s basically a love letter to the great instrumental country jazz records of the 50’s and early 60’s. The group currently is myself, Nate Radey on guitar, Jonny Lam on steel, Mike Noordzy on bass and Diego Voglino on drums.

Aquarium Solarium

Surf Photo 3.jpg

I started this group as way to explore composing surf music and what defines it. Often times it operates as a jazz chamber group and other times as a chaotic exploration of psychedelic soundscaping. The group is made up myself, Tom Beckham on vibraphone, Nate Radley on guitar, Larry Cook on bass and Robin MacMillan on drums. 

The Essex Three

Essex Three 1.jpg

This is a band put together purely to play classic rockabilly. Myself, Mike Noordzy on bass and Diego Voglino. Sometimes the band is augmented by Danny Fox on piano.