Jason Loughlin Peach Crate


Jason Loughlin Peach Crate


Released 2011 Big Pop Records, LLC

Jason Loughlin-Guitars, Steel and Harmonium

Rich Hinman-Steel on Slack Jaw

Jason Hogue-Upright Bass

Stephen Chopek-Drums

Press Quotes:

Press-“Jason Loughlin wears his guitar-playing heroes on his sleeve, down his arms and into his fingers, which ties directly back into his soul. Loughlin has chops to burn, but he uses them in tasty, easy-going doses that dance across the ears…we hear an instrumentalist of great range, taste and joy. Add to that a killer rhythm section…and you’ve got a record that packs a wallop. Peach Crate is an impressive debut recording.” —Frank Alkyer, Downbeat Magazine


★★★★ Wow. All in all, Peach Crate is an excellent debut in a style that you just don’t hear enough of nowadays.” —Sean Westergaard, All Music Guide


“Uncannily well-constructed launching pads for great picking. A great “guitar” album that could easily sit alongside those of his inspirations.”—Dan Forte, Vintage Guitar Magazine


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