Jason Loughlin wears his guitar-playing heroes on his sleeve, down his arms and into his fingers, which ties directly back into his soul. Loughlin has chops to burn, but he uses them in tasty, easy-going doses that dance across the ears…we hear an instrumentalist of great range, taste and joy. —Frank Alkyer, Downbeat Magazine


The String Gliders Halloween Show Oct 29th! Check the shows page for details. My interview for the Everybody Loves Guitar podcast is up and available here. I talked about my life as a trumpet player before becoming a professional guitarist, hanging with Les Paul when I was a kid, writing for The String Gliders and Aquarium Solarium and education. Check it out!


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All of my Truefire courses are available to view and purchase here. I'll be adding new lessons and transcriptions soon. Just wrapped up three new courses that you'll be released over the next six months. Really excited about these. Keep an eye out for them!

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